We provide various services, which we hope you will enjoy. Some of our frequent programmers are:

Sunday school

Held every Sunday from 09.30 to 10.30 AM with an aim to strengthen the children in the lord and teach them the gospel by example. Classes are divided according to the age group.

Young People Endeavour

Held on a monthly basis, after normal Sunday worships, preferably second Sunday. This provides an opportunity for everyone to take part in events individually or in groups

Cottage Meeting

These are held once in a week at different locations.

Fasting Prayer

Held on every Friday 10.30 am  – 12.30 pm.

We also have fasting prayers every month (last Friday to Sunday). Any prayer requests are welcome and we as one submit the request to God and you can enjoy the fruit of reward from God. Everyone is welcome to share their problems and be a part of the congregation.

Outstation Work

We also conduct Outreach programs in the surrounding regions of Liverpool and Chester. Our members are responsible for visiting homes, spreading the word of God, encouraging them to join the Church of God and so on.

Chain prayer

This is an activity especially for our church to put forth any request for prayers from church members, friends, relatives, and community as a whole and for the blessing of the church in particular. Children as well as elders take part in this chain prayer which is ongoing for 24 hours from Tuesday midnight to Wednesday midnight without any break through the day and night.

Mahanaim Kids Club

Held once every month, in order to nurture the children in the word of God and to form a generation of Bible centered and Bible oriented mighty warriors for Christ Jesus. Based on the Words of Jesus Luke 18:16 “ Let the little children come to you and do not forbid them of such is the Kingdom of God.