With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in accordance to the vision from the Almighty God, a small congregation came into existence on 22nd January 2006 in a house at Liverpool, England.

The first Sunday worship witnessed only 6 families, however, the room was totally filled with the presence of Lord Jesus Christ, who promised, “If two or three gather in my name, I am in your midst”. Having experienced the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, every one worshiped the Lord in truth and spirit . Within few months, the room in which we used to worship was not able to accommodate all of us as the lord has expanded our ministry.

We felt the need to conduct the Sunday worship session in a more spacious place to accommodate all our members.

Henceforth, we prayed for a suitable place and the good Lord gave us a Community Methodist Church at Walton Vale, Liverpool. The congregation was named as “Liverpool Prayer Fellowship”.  The church actively conducts Cottage Meetings, Fasting Prayers, Area Meetings, Kids Bible Classes, Adult Bible Classes, Sunday Worships, Ladies Meetings, Youth Meetings, Sunday school, Kids Club, Vacation Bible School, Mission work and various other spiritual activities.

We at LPF are confident that the Holy Spirit is leading us and our Lord Jesus Christ is at work and extending our boundaries day by day.

Since 2012, we are worshiping in St Giles Centre in Aintree Lane.

Now, we have our Sunday worship from 10.30 to 1300 Hours.